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Please reach us at info@loveatfirstsight4dstudio.ca or text 905 233 2493 if you cannot find an answer to your question.

How to download the Babyflix App

If you have an iPhone you can download the iOS app from the Apple App store here;

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When is the best time to have a 3D/4D ultrasound during pregnancy?

The best time to see your baby's face is between 27 and 34 weeks, your baby develops more fat and gets a more defined face. However, it's important to note that every pregnancy is unique, and the ideal time for a 3D/4D ultrasound may vary depending on the individual and the baby's development.

Beyond 34 weeks, a baby may be too big. Imaging may or may not be successful and will largely be dependent on baby position and fluid. However, all babies are different and 4D imaging can be successful up to 36 weeks.

Twins are best between 24-27 weeks and will not be performed later than the 27th week.

How do I access my images/videos from my ultrasound?

You will recieve an email and a text message with a link to set up your password for your BabyFlix account.

Once you login you will see all of your images and videos from your ultrasound session in your MyFlix gallery.

After you have created a password you can head over to www.babyflix.net in your web browser or download the app in the app store.

Please make sure to check your spam folder. If you did not receive a link please contact us.

Are family and friends welcome to join?

Of course! We encourage you to bring your family and friends to share this special moment with you. Our ultrasound room can comfortably seat 5 people, but more are welcome if they would like to stand and watch. Children are also welcome at our studio.

What is my Username for Babyflix?

Your username is the email address you used when booking your appointment online.

What is the difference between 3D, 4D, and HD Ultrasound?

3D is a still image while 4D adds the dimension of motion so it looks like a video.

With our Real Time technology you can see exactly what your baby is doing at that very moment. HD LIVE is the most cutting-edge technology and gives technician ability to control lighting around the baby for spectacular imaging.

How do I reset my password for Babyflix?

You can reset your password from the login screen.

Click Request New Password.  

An email to reset your password will be sent to you.  

If you have any issues resetting your password please contact us and we would be happy to reset it for you.

What if my baby is not in a good position for the 3D/4D ultrasound?

Most babies cooperate for us the first time, we promise to make every effort to obtain the best possible images of whatever parts of the baby that can be seen. If the baby is shy and the face or gender is completely hidden throughout the session, we will reschedule your baby ultrasound within 14 days at no additional charge.

How do I find my photos and video?

From a browser

Your gallery of photos and video are viewed from the MyFlix menu at the top of the page

From a browser on a mobile phone

Click on the three lines in the upper right

Click on MyFlix

From the BabyFlix mobile Apps

Your gallery of photos and video are viewed from the MyFlix menu in the right frame

Can I still book an ultrasound if I don't want to know the gender?

Yes. Gender determination is 100% OPTIONAL. If you do not wish to find out the gender of your baby, please let us know!

What should I do prior to the 3D/4D appointment?

Drink plenty of water even several weeks before your appointment to ensure your amniotic fluid is clear. Water can improve the quality of an ultrasound image. About a half-hour before your 3D/4D ultrasound scan, try to drink cold water or fruit juice so that your baby will be awake during your session.

What will determine the quality of my images?

Fetal position is the number one determination of the image quality. Some babies come ready for viewing and great images are obtained. Others simply turn their back or cuddle up to the placenta or the uterine wall or insist on putting their hands and feet in front of their face. There are also many things out of the technicians control like the maternal size, amount of amniotic fluid, placenta placement etc.

Are 3D/4D ultrasounds safe for my baby?

When it comes to safety there is no difference between 3D/4D ultrasound and traditional 2D Ultrasounds used by your doctor because both ultrasound methods use the same kind of sound waves. Extensive studies over 30 years have found that ultrasound has not caused any harm to mother and her baby. Reassurance is provided by researchers who perform multiple prenatal ultrasounds from the early stages of pregnancy with no negative effects on the growth or development of the fetus.

What is the difference between 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds?

Here is an answer to one of the questions. Please review and let me know if it's accurate (based on my own research), if so, please include that as one of the answers.2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds are different imaging techniques used during pregnancy to visualize the developing baby. Each type of ultrasound provides varying levels of detail and information about the fetus.

2D Ultrasounds: This is the most common and standard type of ultrasound used in prenatal care. 2D ultrasound produces flat, black-and-white, two-dimensional images of the baby's internal structures, such as the organs, bones, and tissues. It is typically used to monitor the baby's growth, development, and position, as well as to detect any potential abnormalities or issues.

3D Ultrasounds: A 3D ultrasound is an advanced imaging technique that captures three-dimensional, still images of the baby. It takes multiple 2D ultrasound images and processes them to create a more detailed, lifelike representation of the baby's features, such as the face, limbs, and organs. 3D ultrasounds are often used for a more in-depth examination of the baby's anatomy, as well as for capturing keepsake images for the parents.

4D Ultrasounds: A 4D ultrasound, also known as a live 3D ultrasound, is an even more advanced imaging technique that captures real-time, moving images of the baby in three dimensions. This allows the parents and healthcare providers to observe the baby's movements, facial expressions, and behaviors in the womb. 4D ultrasounds offer a unique bonding experience for the parents and can also provide additional information about the baby's development and well-being.

How can I pay for the baby ultrasound?

We accept major credit/debit cards.

Do you accept health insurance or OHIP?

OHIP does not cover the cost of elective ultrasounds. However, some benefits do cover the scan, you will have to check with your insurance provider for details of your plan. Due to the fact that is an elective procedure and is not intended to be a replacement for a medical scan, this ultrasound is an upfront out of pocket expense to you.

Is this the same as an ultrasound session at n Ultrasound Clinic?

Love at first sight 4D Studio offers ultrasounds for entertainment and keepsake purposes only. We do not screen for fetal anomalies or pregnancy-related issues. Our services should not be taken to be an alternative to the complete diagnostic baby ultrasound that your health care provider would order for your pregnancy.



Love Notes

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"It was great to hear the heartbeat and see our baby again. Will definitely be back for the 4D."

Was nervous going in since this pregnancy has given me so much anxiety. But Nicolle was fantastic from when we walked in the door to when we left. It was great to hear the heartbeat and see our baby again. Will definitely be back for the 4D.

Katherine Ha


"Amazing customer service and you can tell the employees love their job! They're always so friendly and answer any questions you have, with super fast replies through email, text or call."

If I could give them higher than 5 stars I would. Amazing customer service and you can tell the employees love their job! They're always so friendly and answer any questions you have, with super fast replies through email, text or call. Such an amazing experience and they really do make it feel special. I received my first ultrasound as a gift and had to go back for a second because I was in-love! The place is very clean and a perfect set up, with a huge t.v for everyone to see your little baby. You get all your pictures/videos uploaded online, so its super easy to access and share with your friends and family. The price is very good as well and beyond worth it! I would highly recommend to anyone expecting and also makes such a memorable gift.



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"Alicia was so kind and welcoming and very professional."

I had a wonderful experience at Love at First Sight 4D Ultrasound Studio! Alicia was so kind and welcoming and very professional. I’ve been struggling with the fact that father’s haven’t been allowed in the ultrasound rooms with the mother due to the pandemic but I was allowed to have my husband in the room here which made all of the difference. The fact that we got to find out that we were having a son together was amazing and I couldn’t thank Alicia more for giving us that experience!I will definitely go back to Love at First Sight again and again!

Kortnee Nissan


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Give a gift that will last a lifetime!
The Ultimate Bonding Experience that they will never forget.
Perfect for any expecting parent, baby shower, birthday, holidays or partners that have not been able to go to any doctor or ultrasound appointments due to restrictions.