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Alicia May, a mother to three boys, was inspired by her own unsettling ultrasound experiences during her first pregnancy in 2012 to redefine the prenatal ultrasound experience for other parents. Determined to transform these clinical appointments into moments of joy and bonding, Alicia focused on creating a private, comfortable, and safe environment where expectant parents could connect deeply with their unborn child.

Emphasizing both emotional and medical well-being, Alicia's service offered state-of-the-art, reliable ultrasound technology in a warm, welcoming setting. Each session was personalized, allowing parents to witness their baby's movements, hear the heartbeat, and take home precious images and videos. This approach not only provided technical excellence but also nurtured a profound emotional connection between parents and their unborn baby.

Alicia's dedication to enhancing the pregnancy journey through these memorable ultrasound experiences quickly gained appreciation, transforming routine medical checks into cherished moments for many families. Her initiative highlights the impact of personal experience in driving positive change and creating lasting memories for expectant parents.

Get READY for the


Ultimate Bonding Experience!

Our NEW top-of-the-line ultrasound technology allows us to deliver high definition ultrasounds. Providing amazing clarity and definition of your baby inside the womb.

We guarantee to provide you the best possible image of your baby!

We invite you to visit us throughout your pregnancy as your baby grows between 8 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. Hear your baby's heartbeat, find out the gender of your baby as early as 14 weeks and see your sweet baby's face before they are born!

Alicia May

Alicia May is responsible for running all facets of the business. 

Alicia May's journey from a concerned expectant mother to a pioneer in prenatal bonding exemplifies the power of personal experience in igniting change. Her commitment to transforming the ultrasound experience has made a lasting impact on many families, turning a routine procedure into an unforgettable part of their pregnancy journey.

"Giving birth to my boys has been the most gratifying of all. They are my inspiration behind Love at first sight 4D!"

Destinee Taylor

Destinee is a dedicated and skilled Ultrasound Technician, renowned for her exceptional bedside manner and ability to make every patient feel like family. She ensures that all moms feel comfortable and at ease during their ultrasound appointments through clear communication and genuine concern for their well-being. These qualities have earned her high praise from both clients and colleagues.

Throughout her career, Destinee has worked in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, specialist clinics, and private practices. As a mother herself, she brings a unique blend of empathy, patience, and understanding to every client she meets.

Destiny Cortez

Bio Coming Soon

Eloisa Ocubillo

Eloisa is a highly experienced Sonographer with over 22 years of expertise. Her professional journey began in the Middle East at a research centre, where she developed extensive experience in obstetrics, and gynaecology. Eloisa is renowned for her meticulous approach, exceptional technical skills, and compassionate interactions with patients. 

As a mentor to many aspiring sonographers, she emphasizes dedication, expertise, and a strong focus on patient care. Eloisa is committed to continuous learning and professional growth, driven by her passion for medical imaging and advocacy for patient well-being.

Laura Faris, RPN

An enthusiastic and caring nurse since 2016.  She has spent her years practicing in the field of general medicine, family medicine, amongst others and now specializes in obstetrics, pediatrics and gynecology.


Following her passion in the obstetric and health world, Laura is working towards becoming a certified lactation consultant. Outside of nursing, she loves learning new, natural ways to heal and balance the body in the busy world we live in.


Along with spending time with friends, family and doing yoga and Pilates to stay active. Being a triplet who was brought into the world via fertility, it brings Laura great joy to help new moms through the difficult journeys into the world of motherhood.


Laura will bring her wealth of knowledge to educate and administer intravenous therapy, with a smile. She aspires to create the best experience possible for all of her clients and their support systems. 

Brand Ambassador
Lori Emmanuel

Bio Coming Soon

THE BEST Team Fueled with PASSION


We went in for a 4D ultrasound at 33 weeks of my second pregnancy. This was my husbands first viewing of our little one since he missed most of the doctor's ultrasound sessions due to Covid restrictions. Ashley was kind, patient and so gentle. She took the time to show us baby from different angles. She pointed out all the baby features and let us pick our favorite ones and printed them out. My 3 year old toddler who is otherwise bored at most places was absolutely engaged with the ultrasound. We loved the calming experience and walked out with the most amazing pics of our little bub!


We've now had two great experiences at Love at First Sight now and will probably return for a third 3D ultrasound before my pregnancy is over. I wasn't able to get gender confirmed at my anatomy scan (they wouldn't tell us) so we called Love at First Sight who fit us in for a last minute scan, which was awesome. They spent a lot of time showing us everything and getting tons of photos and a video. It was totally worth the trip and I am so glad we did it!


As soon as I walked in I was kindly greeted, I never got the girls name but she was so kind, so patient and understanding. Took her time scanning & made sure all photos were clear and perfect. I HIGHLY recommend booking with Love at First Sight. My first experience was the BEST experience. I will definitely be back again. Thank you for being so awesome! Also, have gender reveal cannons/ect on site. Our visit was amazing. Thank you SO much again.


The Ultimate Bonding Experience that they will never forget. Perfect for any expecting parent, baby shower, birthday, holidays or partners that have not been able to go to any doctor or ultrasound appointments due to restrictions.

last a Lifetime!

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