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an Interactive and educational bonding experience

The SIBLING experience!  |  $145

Make family time extra special with our Sibling Experience Ultrasound package! It’s more than just an appointment; it’s a heartwarming opportunity for the whole family to grow closer as you welcome the newest member.

Our experienced sonographers offer an inclusive and educational session, inviting siblings to be a part of this magical journey. They’ll have the chance to apply the gel, assist in scanning mom’s belly, and marvel at their new sibling’s tiny features on the screen - creating cherished memories for everyone. 

Celebrate together as a family, with siblings given the choice to pop a free mini confetti popper in the studio or take it home for a surprise gender reveal. 


 10-20 minutes in 2D + sneak peek in 3D/4D

 Listen and record baby’s heartbeat + Watch baby move

 Gender determination + free mini popper [optional]

  Receive 1 printed image

 Heartbeat animal or pillow of your choice, 1 printed ultrasound photo & a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” certificate


Book your Sibling Experience today!

Add-on: Video recording available on USB or Online Babyflix 

Please Note: Due to the interactive nature of this package no complimentary rescans will be available. Our primary goal is to ensure that the child/children are fully participating in the bonding experience, which may limit our ability to capture the highest quality imaging every time. Our skilled sonographers strive to provide a memorable and high-quality ultrasound experience; however, the interactive format may affect the image quality outcome.

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