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Early DNA Gender Reveal


Pick up your gender test kit at our studio and collect the sample in the comfort of your home. 

① Fastest detection service in Canada - As early as 72h after the order is shipped.

 The only Needle-Free collection in Canada and 100% safe.

 Trusted by physicians and prenatal clinics accross Canada.

 Your privacy is our top priority. Your sample is safely destroyed after analysis and we do not keep your genetic information.

⑤ Money Back Guarantee Hassle-Free money back if the results are wrong

Note: We are now using EarlyReveal Tap device, which collects blood from the surface of your skin, further reducing risk of contamination. (No finger pricks) 

If you are not comfortable with the collection by yourself, we can help you with it at our studio where we ensure a clean and safe environment. This service is just $30, and provides you with a peace of mind! (Appointment booking is required for the sample collection).

No Finger Pricks

DNA Testing Kit  |  $165


Visit one of our studios to purchase your kit or purchase the kit online for in store pick up

Get the Kit

Collect the sample. If you would like us to collect it for you, please call the studio to book an appointment.

Extra fees apply.

Collect the Sample

Pack it up & drop it in the mail using the pre-paid return label. The return label is included in your kit.

Mail the Sample

You can expect the results by email within 1-2 business days!


It's Simple, it Works, and it's Fast

What's unique about EarlyReveal?

Safe for Mommy & Baby
Our test only requires a few drops of blood. The collection is 100% safe for mom & baby!

As Early As 8 Weeks

With EarlyReveal, you can determine your baby's gender at just 8 weeks of pregnancy!

99% Accurate
EarlyReveal is dedicated to delivering the highest accuracy in gender prediction, boasting a 99.9% success rate. 


Fastest Results

Your results are emailed to you in as early as one business day after received of sample by the lab. 
*Mailing times not included and not guaranteed

Understanding Our Early Gender DNA Test

It's all in the chromosomes! Females carry XX chromosomes, while males have XY chromosomes. Our Early Gender DNA Test detects the Y chromosome in the expectant mother's blood sample, which contains a mix of her own and the baby's DNA.

Here's how it works: If a Y chromosome is found in your blood sample, it indicates the presence of male DNA – congratulations, you're likely having a boy! If the Y chromosome is absent, it suggests you're expecting a girl, as female DNA comprises only X chromosomes.

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