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New IV Therapy


Our IV THERAPIES can alleviate the


following symptoms related to pregnancy

It can become difficult to get the vitamins and minerals you need during pregnancy, even when you take supplements. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can interfere with fetal growth or cause birth defects. By getting these compounds through IV therapy during pregnancy, you can address any potential deficiencies. An IV infusion delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream for maximum absorption.

Vitamin Deficiency

During the first trimester of pregnancy, morning sickness can result in discomfort and dehydration. If you have frequent nausea, we may be able to add an anti-nausea medicine known as Zofran, or ondansetron, to your IV. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers this medicine safe for pregnancy. Each of our IV packages contains a hydrating solution that can help restore fluids when morning sickness causes dehydration.

Morning Sickness and Related Dehydration

The first trimester can also cause chronic fatigue. Proper nutrition and hydration can alleviate some of this fatigue to help you get through this phase of pregnancy. Our IV treatment for pregnancy includes fluids and critical nutrients to supplement your diet.

Chronic Fatigue from Pregnancy

​Please help us maintain a healthy environment for our expecting families. If you are sick (including a cold, fever, flu etc), are getting over an illness, or have the onset of symptoms of an illness, please call us immediately to reschedule. With advance notice, we may be able to apply your cancellation fee as a credit towards payment of your rescheduled appointment. Anyone who arrives with symptoms of an illness will not be serviced. Please wait until you have been well for at least a week before coming for an ultrasound.

Is IV Therapy Safe While You’re Pregnant?

IV Therapy for



Our IV Hydration Therapy is specifically designed for expectant and breastfeeding mothers, starting at $199. It's a safe and nurturing way to combat morning sickness, fatigue, and nausea, all within the comfort and care of our studio.

  • Administered by a Registered Nurse: Our professional and experienced nurse ensures a safe and comfortable experience.

  • Anti-Nausea Options: Choose add-ons like Anti-Nausea Medication for added relief.

  • Benefits: Alleviate morning sickness, reduce fatigue, and boost energy levels safely and effectively.

  • Convenience: Avoid long waits in emergency rooms.

IV Therapy for


Our IV Therapy offers benefits for those on their fertility journey. Priced starting at $199, this specialized treatment is designed to enhance fertility and support reproductive health in both women and men. Whether you're just starting your journey or seeking additional support, our therapy is designed to nourish your body and enhance fertility potential.

  • Egg Quality Improvement: Antioxidant support to enhance egg quality.

  • Immune System Support: Essential during the preconception period for overall health.

  • Menstrual Regulation: Helps in maintaining a regular menstrual cycle.

  • Follicular Health: Promotes healthy follicles in the ovaries, crucial for ovulation.

  • Nutritional Support: Provides vital nutrients that aid mitochondrial health, fundamental for fertility.

  • Sperm Health: Supports the development and health of sperm.

  • Hormonal Balance: Assists in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance, necessary for conception.


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